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Huawei To Face Decline In Phone Sales

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have come forward with high sales in recent years. One of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers is Huawei that has made its name in news. Huawei produces one of the best premium smartphones but seems like it is having trouble. This was from last year after the US banned Huawei from business completely. From this ban, the most lethal impact was that Huawei was cut off from Google services. Huawei is an Android manufacturer and Google services are the very basic feature of androids. Now Huawei is producing smartphones that are running on Android but don’t have Google services.

Recently Huawei has stated that they are expecting a huge decline in the sales of their phones. Huawei is not allowed to do business in many places and is restricted to China mostly. With a smaller market place for the company now they are expecting around 20% decline in phone sales this year. Huawei smartphones are not getting shipped to many big markets that include a large number of consumers. As the smartphones are not allowed to be sold their shipping is not completed. Lack of shipments is going to lead to a loss in sales for Huawei smartphones.

Last year Huwei was able to make a good name in market surpassing Apple. It became the second largest smrtphone manufacturer next to Samsung until now. This year Huawei is expecting some serious downfall du to the ban and reduced market place. Now that the whole world is halted due to epdemic the market for Huawei reduced China is also not doing well. This could be the hardest time for the tech giant to maintain its sales. Huawei has made it clear that they are aware of their position and problems.

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