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Huawei Patents the Force Touch Bezel design for its Smartwatch

A lot of smartwatches are available in the market; some fall in the category of fitness watch while some are designed for multi-purpose usage. Some ways by which one can control them is Touch Screen, Physical buttons, etc. but it looks like Huawei has selected a different path. In the latest renders, a smartwatch is visible that comes with bezel control functionality; revealed images describe the complete working of it so let’s check out more details about the upcoming smartwatch.

Huawei watch
The image is showing the patented design of upcoming Huawei watch.
Image courtesy: gsmarena .com

The watch design has already been approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). We have been coming across this type of implementation for the first time; this technology will use smartwatch bezels to perform various tasks. The complete round bezel will be classified into eight parts, and those eight parts will be designed to perform different tasks. For instance, some gestures are swiping up from the bottom bezel, swiping down from the bottom bezel, swiping combination of two segments and so on.

Huawei leaked watch
Patented render of the upcoming Huawei watch.
Image courtesy: gsmarena .com

The patent information also reveals that the watch will work with force touch gesture, clicks and will support screw gestures as well. The watch will also house some sensors in the strap parts, and they will perform some specific task. This technology will work with the watches made of ceramic, metal, plastic, aluminum, etc. materials. There is no news available for the specifications or launch date of the watch, but we believe that Huawei might show something similar in the upcoming days maybe in the MWC 2018. The watch will run on Android Wear OS, and Huawei may launch this functionality with two different watches, one watch will be made available for a low price while other will be the flagship one.

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