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Huawei P40 Coming In March 2020

There were a lot of smartphones that were launched this year by different companies. While the number of smartphones was high the number of brands was also quite a lot. The leading companies were doing as usual and somehow some oddly stable companies came up fats on the top list. Huawei is the company that managed to overcome the international ban by the US with profit. Everyone thought it will be dark times for Huawei but turned out Huawei wasn’t much affected. Huawei launched one of the best smartphones this year with its flagship P30 that did pretty good in the market.

After this year of great work, Huawei is on top close to Samsung as a smartphone manufacturer. Now the successor of its this year’s flagship has eyes on it to see what the Chinese Tech Giant is going to do next. The next year’s smartphone includes P40 by Huawei that will the successor to P30 from this year. Not much is revealed about this P40 yet but now the word is that is THE p40 is coming in March 2020. Huawei is making Smartphones by itself with a lack of support from US-based companies and the market.

It will be coming by the end of March next year and will run on android 10 with EMUI and no Google services and apps inbuilt. The Google Play store will be absent on Huawei P40 with a similar app store by Huawei. HarmonyOS will not be on this device and will work on the custom skin by Huawei yet another year. There is a lot of competition for the Chinese company and hopefully, a lot of development will be available for all the users. 2020 will be full of devices and Huawei P40 is confirmed for March next year.

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