Huawei Laptops coming with Linux Replacing Windows

Huawei even though is a huge company and a worldwide known name is having a hard time this year. After the ban on its trade selectively it’s been a turning point for Huawei as they have to tackle many of the things now. Any new product that the Chinese company comes up with now is prohibited to use Windows on it now. It’s not a good phase for Huawei and finding alternative might be possible for the brand but having the customers face it might be troublesome. They are said to work on their own operating system to replace Windows on the new products and are calling it Hongxing. The project itself is a substitute for windows but can work as a bit mobile and computer giving high hopes to users.

Huawei Laptops

Right now the crisis is still there for the company and so the computers are provided with Linux installed on them. Linux is preferred by many and can be easily used to substitute windows while it is developed from China. Currently, with the trade sensitivity high, Huawei is just bringing the laptops with Linux available in the markets of China. There are no such products globally launched by Huawei but you might see something like this in the future.

It would have been easier for the company to provide better customer-oriented products if there were no restrictions on trades. Since nothing can be said how the mess between the trade and the USA will end there is a high probability that similar products will be available worldwide soon. Huawei is not a small company and it’s not surprising that they are capable of bouncing by themselves even after a major boycott. The tension between the trades if China and USA go on and companies keep facing major changes in marketing.

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