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Huawei found Guilty of Faking DSLR Pics As Phone Clicked Pics

The growing market has made a lot of companies come up with new and better products. While there are numerous products and services are coming companies are finding ways to dominate the market. One of the many things that are a hot topic in marketing are smartphones that have a huge market. Multiple smartphone manufacturers are competing to get the highest sales with there products. Out of many manufacturers, Huawei is one of them that has made quite a name in news last year. The company has been dealing with different issues but seems like it is attracting trouble as well.

While Huawei has come a long way up to one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers it still is trying things. These things are not just innovation but also cheap tricks to attract customers. An easy way of attracting customers for a company is to make good advertisements for new products. The better the advertisement the better the response is in most cases but not always. Huawei was found guilty of using pictures clicked by DSLR for the advertisement of their smartphone. This is not only misleading but may also end up defaming the brand in the crisis it is facing.

Smartphones might have good cameras now but DSLR is a complete unit for photography. The quality of pictures and the features that DSLR has made a lot of difference. The company has done this multiple times now after it did it in 2016. It was in the Photography Competition held by the company where DSLR pics were used as smartphones clicked. Huawei has come forward to apologize for this incident but this isn’t the first time or the last time this happens. Hopefully, Huawei has learned this time as it isn’t in the position to want any negative attention.

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