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Huawei comes up with a desktop that rivals against MacOS and Windows

One of the big techs faints from China that has been facing backlash for its background. After getting banned in the USA Huawei worked on it’s ways to how they can make their products independent. It was in news and gossip about how a new OS based on Linux is getting developed. Windows was not much of a help for Huawei after the ban put on them. Now the desktop made by Huawei is something that makes Marcos and Windows fade away.

Huawei desktop

The Linux desktop that we are talking about is Deepin that turns out to be a gamechanger. There are great responses to this Linux desktop which is due to its features and great hardware. The appearance or this desktop is exceptionally good and surely is a treat to eyes. The sole purpose of this Linux based desktop is to cause trouble to Apple and Windows while still being in the market. To some users, it might actually become the priority due to how comfortable it is said to be compared to macOS and Windows.

Deepin might actually help Huawei get out of the international market a next they are coming with a Deepin V20 launcher. This is yet to be released as a beta version around next month while Deepin still has a lot in it. 2020 might actually turn the tables for MacOS and Windows with the presence of a cleaner and better Deepin. While Deepin is based on Linux it goes beyond that with more to itself with the attractive interface. Each part of it from animation to app drawer etc everything is made to be beautiful and better than any existing popular OS.

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