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Huawei Closing In To The Top Near Samsung

Samsung has been leading smartphone brands in the market around the globe for some time. This year as well Samsung was said to be on the top in terms of shares in the smartphone market. In simple terms, Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer this year and you might not want to question that. The brand itself is one of the best and oldest smartphone brands. Samsung is giving leading android smartphones every year for some years now. Samsung originates from South Korea and after being on top now it is getting some competition from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer company Huawei.

Huawei originates from China and this year ti grew to such extent that now it is close to Samsung. The competition is so good now that some people say Huawei may dethrone Samsung. This becomes bigger news after the fact that Huawei is banned from the US making it’s market limited. After everything, Huawei is facing it still managed to close in to the biggest smartphone manufacturer. The market share is Samsung is 21.3 percent and Huawei got its shares to 17.7 percent this year. Last year the market shares were 14.4 percent for Huawei and now it supplied 251 million smartphones to hike this share percentage.

This lead in the market shares happened against all the obstacles put up for it by the US. Huawei did this all by having a great market in its home while losing the market outside. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is doing great while the sales have been great as well this year. Some of the people were expecting it to fall behind after the ban hammer hitting it. Seems Huawei is not going to fall behind but go ahead of some and maybe all the other smartphone brands.


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