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Huawei Accepts it’s having trouble without Google’s Core Apps

Huawei keeps on revealing how much they are getting affected by the ban on them by the USA and yet it happens again. After the Chinese tech giant was banned by the USA it is also facing major issues with the OS and apps. Recently it was accepted by a senior executive of this company that they are working on it hut still they lack substitutes for Google apps. Huawei is hurt by the absence of Google’s core apps and of course the play store. Android is open source and that allows them to use the OS but the app store and apps remain as major missing.

Huawei trouble without Google Core Apps

The market for Huawei includes a large number of android users who are getting affected by the changes. Customers are used to Android and it’s app store full of apps but Huawei still is working on how to substitute them. The ban put on Huawei by the USA made Google unable to support the Chinese company in any way. The only thing left is the Android platform but their services can’t be provided making it useless. With everything going Google was still allowed to bring Android 10 to existing Huawei devices running on Android.

The USA might want to keep this up against the Chinese companies to hurt them in a trade war but Huawei is ready for it. As per person from Huawei in case the ban goes on for too long company will just switch to harmonyOS. Some people might think that Huawei is not meeting good sales but they been doing great even after the ban by the USA. Huawei just needs to replicate the services and apps by Google and they are good to go.

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