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HTC will shrink its portfolio in 2018 focusing more on marketing

After letting it’s 2000 engineers go on an exciting journey with Google, HTC has taken some tough decisions now. The company is said to launch fewer devices in 2018 and will start heavily investing in marketing, which the Taiwanese tech giant is in much need of. HTC makes great phones, but have you ever seen any massive banner like Samsung’s of HTC anywhere? I haven’t yet, but here HTC has almost vanished, but where it’s strong, there also the company doesn’t reach out to a much larger audience.

The company is keen on diverting its investments in R&D, and as well as in marketing, this will help the firm in gaining popularity again, like it uses to have in the HD2 era. Moreover, the current line up will shrink, and HTC could follow the same approach as Motorola and might launch merely two or three devices, in the flagship segment of course and also one in the budget segment.

HTC U11 Plus
Image shows an HTC U11+

But these devices which are in the upper-budget segment and lower premium budget segment might get killed. And the company will solely focus on these few devices. This will also get you faster updates, as the portfolio will now have fewer devices to update with. So, this is a win-win case for everyone.

Furthermore, the two upcoming HTC devices such as the HTC U12 is rumored to have a 4K display, which is insane, while the HTC Ocean Harmony is said to advent with 4GB & 6Gb ram variants and will also feature two different chipsets. And these two are the Snapdragon 652, and the other one is the powerful SD 660. These devices could show up at CES 2018, and we’ll be looking forward to what devices will be saying farewell from HTC’s portfolio.

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