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HTC U11 Life is HTC’s first smartphone to receive the Android 9 Pie update

Google launched the first stable version of Android 9 Pie back in August. Now it’s about to be the fourth month after its rollout and some companies are just now beginning to get the latest version of Android onto their devices.

There have been few who begun selling devices in the last few months that are selling with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.

[Source: Wired]
Mobile division of HTC isn’t in the best shape, but even after all that they beat some of the smartphone makers in getting the Android 9 Pie update as the HTC U11 Life is now starting to receive its update to Android 9 Pie.

It’s quite surprising to know that HTC U11 Life will be the first HTC smartphone to receive an update to Android Pie. This phone was released last year in November and was released with Android Nougat. But the device was quickly upgraded to Android Oreo.

The HTC U11 Life is an Android One device so it’s pretty obvious that it will be the first smartphone in the U11 series to get an update to Android Pie.

However, people would be surprised to know that it received the update before the company’s current flagship HTC U12+ as flagships tend to receive the most attention when it comes to major OTA updates.

Now that Android 9 is out for the U11 Life, it could mean that UTC users won’t have to wait longer for other HTC devices receive the update in the future. HTC has said the U12+, U11, and U11+ will also receive Pie at some point.

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