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Honor 10 gets a new software update, brings camera improvements and party mode

Huawei’s Honor 10 was just recently launched, and the device is already getting a new software update. This new one brings a bunch of exciting new features for the handset. For starters, you get the newly enhanced party mode, which uses your phone’s near field communication chip and allows other Honor 10 users to connect and blast the same music at the same time. Which seems like a cool party trick. Other than that, this latest update also brings several camera improvements as well.

Now highly touted Ai camera on the Honor gets a newly renovated scene detection which lets the user know about the scene effect to that shot, by displaying related text on the screen.  And other bug fixes related to the camera are also in effect now. Huawei has also included a better fingerprint scanner enhancement feature which tells you whether the current fingerprint registered is highly secured or not, or whether you should replace it with a new one. While the other security enhancements bring the latest May security patch for the device which is a nice addition.

Honor 10
Image shows Honor 10 device Image Courtesy; google .com

Apart from that, you also get a brand new live wallpaper, as well as a new, also gets appended to spice up your home screen. Talking about the home screen, the HiCare app is now placed on the home screen is no longer found in a folder. Plus, some efficiency enhancements are also included for better usage of battery for extended periods of time. Now, if you don’t receive this update keeping checking it manually by heading over to Settings > About Phone and > System Software Update.

Via: androidauthority

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