Hackers have teamed up to hack Chromecasts for promoting PewDiePie’s channel

Two hackers with the names of HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r have teamed up to promote the most famous Youtube channel “PewDiePie” by forcing TVs to display a message encouraging people to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

The did these attacks the settings of the routers that make smart devices, like Chromecasts and Google Homes vulnerable, and publicly viewable on the internet. Which allows the hackers to gain control of the devices and broadcast videos on a connected TV.

[Source: YouTube]
This attack is being referred to CastHack. A website for the attack claims to count the number of TVs forced to show the PewDiePie message and nearly more than 3K devices were affected by this.

According to Google, they received reports from users regarding this that “an unauthorized video played on their TVs via a Chromecast device” but said the issue was the result of router settings.

Both HackerGiraffe and Google said the best solution for this problem is very easy as you just have to turn off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) on their routers.

HackerGiraffe said that their main aim is to show the weaknesses of these things rather than promoting PewDiePie. He said that:

“We want to help you, and also our favorite YouTubers (mostly PewDiePie). We are only trying to protect you and inform you of this weakness before someone takes real advantage of it.”

In December, WSJ’s website was also hacked to promote Kjellberg’s channel, but according to him, they were behind that.

Fans have been supporting PewDiePie for a long time and now by doing these things, they are helping him to become the world’s most subscribed YouTuber of all time(which he still is) in his fight against Indian Music Records channel T-Series.

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