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Google’s “Made by Google” Event happened and all the Products are Disclosed Now

Made by Google event 2019 finally happened and there are new products provided to customers. The list of new products includes Pixel Buds, Nest WiFi, at Mini, Chromebook and none the less Pixel 4. Pixel devices by google are the purest of android phones that customers can get. There were leaks on the products going on for weeks now before the event and now it is all clear. The Pixel Buds 2 is real and so is the new PixelBook Go Chromebook laptop. The latest Pixel device is also the smartphone they put the innovation in to compete with the new iPhone and Samsung devices.

Google Made by Google

Pixel 4 comes with a new design and better features and hardware that include a telephoto camera. It also has the feature of radar-based gesture control that is totally an innovation. Along with the phone, the customer gets a free three months subscription of Google One. Again there were statements on security and privacy that Google is going to ensure with new products. The Pixelbook Go Chromebook just got upgraded and the price is made just right for customers. Another one of the products that were shown in the event was Pixel buds that is another one of the wireless gadgets.

Moreover, the event was a good place for Google to come forward for a better cause and they used the chance. The company stated how they are going yo work for renewable energy. Another one of the News is that Google home mini is getting replaced with the Next mini. Next to it is Google Nest WiFi that is their router and you should try its new features such as device prioritization on your will.

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