Google’s June 3rd Event Gets Delayed Again

Google was all set to launch the Android 11 Beta and possibly the Google Pixel 4a in May. It was all over the media but they had to cancel it due to some reasons. Our world is facing a very difficult situation right now due to Coronavirus. Google decided to postpone the event and they were going to reveal the Android 11 Beta on 3 June but again they had to cancel the event. People were eagerly waiting for the Android 11 Beta Version as we already have the Android 11 Developer Preview with us.

The upcoming Google Pixel 4a was all set to get out but situations are not good right now. Official Android Developers tweeted that they have to postpone this event again. Coronavirus is seriously affecting our world and everything is getting postponed. There is no confirmation that when Google will reveal the Android 11 Beta now. We can only wait for Google and that is the only option we have got. Android 11 Beta is the most awaited thing right now but as the tweet says, now is not the time to celebrate.

There is something wrong about this year 2020 and everyone’s facing it right now. The most awaited budget phone by Google that is Pixel 4a is getting delayed every day. The market needs Pixel 4a very much because mid-range devices are all that users need right now. Google will surely announce something soon to give some clarification about the Android 11 Beta Release and about the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. Till then, we only have Android 11 Developer Preview to enjoy the Android 11 and its features.

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