Google To Launch a New Gadget Soon: Replacing The Google Home Permanently

We have Google Home which is a very good device and it is a basic need of almost everyone now. Google Home listens to our command very well and it is very reliable. You can do a lot of things through Google Home without standing up from your couch. Google Home has become a part of our life now and people rely on Google Home like it reminds them to workout or it can find your phone if it’s lost inside your house.

There are many reasons to love Google Home but Google discontinued Google Home it seems because it is not available on the official website of Google. There is no doubt that Google Home was a hit because it sold like rain but it seems like Google wants us to buy their other gadgets too. Google has launched a lot of gadgets to make our life easy and Google Home was one of them. Google Home was not expensive and it can do almost everything which an expensive smart home gadget would do. There was no need to discontinue Google Home but the company most probably did it as it’s not available anywhere.

Google is planning to launch a new gadget which will be in Google Nest series and it will be a very good smart home gadget for sure. The upcoming gadget will have all the latest features plus the price of the gadget won’t be that much high. We can not say anything right now about the launch date because nothing is official right now and these all are only leaks but Google surely will add a new gadget to the Nest family.

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