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Google to bring RCS messaging to Android in the US

Rick Communication Services (RCS) is the better messaging option that is going to take over the usual messaging. SMS and MMS have served their purpose for a long time now and Google seems to be willing to step forward in the messaging field. Google announced that RCS messaging will be available on androids in the US replacing normal messaging. RCS messaging is the better and more featureful type of service that is going to be available soon enough. More will be possible with RCS as it will allow communication over WiFi and cellular data between users making it more accessible.

RCS messaging to Android

RCS includes features that are available on VoIP apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc with more access to activities. Notifications, read recipient, typing notification, multimedia sharing, making it quite a better option than the current message app on androids. The messaging app on Android right now have only been capable of providing texting over SMS. Hangout is used widely for now by users but with this new change, Google is bringing a messaging app that can become the first choice for android users. This is a good thing Google came up with but at the same time now there is huge network maintenance they need to take care of all the time all by themselves.

With RCS messaging Google can finally give some challenge to iMessage but some work still needs to be done. End to end encryption allows messaging to be safe and users get assured that data isn’t accessible to anyone yet Google isn’t capable of that along with RCS. This was done in the UK and France earlier so wouldn’t be surprised when Google pulls this off in the US. It’s good news and steps forward towards better communication services for android users but an end to end encryption is still needed.

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