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Google “Talk to Books” is an AI Experiment, answers your question by searching in Books

Google has already showcased how intelligent it’s voice assistant, and the American Giant is leading the AI game by a huge margin; compared to other firms and now the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence that Google has launched is Google Talk to Books. This is an experimental AI effort that Google has made, which allows you to ask anything, any question and Google with it’s bleeding edge AI data centers will fetch the best answers from Books in it’s Googe book’s database. This all sounds fantastic at first, but when you try it, it isn’t really that much great, however, it will improve over time.

To test the Google Talk to Books visit the Official site, by visiting the link given below. Now to start with, you have to visit the site, and there you’ll find a text box, where you can put in your query. And it’s okay, to put in sentences, this AI is trained based on conversations so that sentences will do great.

Image shows the Google Talk to Books results of a question, Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

Once, you enter your query, Google Talk to Books will fetch Quotes, passages, and points from Books that it found in its database. You can see my results below, not that great and most of them feel like it is trying to sell you the book in some cases.

This tool is great when your question is based on facts and not an investigative explanation. Overall, a great tool to play around and this shows, that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and not a hype that will fade away within a couple of years.

Visit-> Google Talk to Books 

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