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Google rolls out new Android TV home launcher and Core services

New visuals and carefully arranged content, makes Android TV Home launcher intuitive to use.

Google has a new update for Android TV users, and this is a significant visual change that has been rolled out after many months of waiting. This latest brings a revamped UI for the Android TV launcher dubbed as Android TV Home, and it brings a brand new visual experience, to say the least, starting with the new stealth looking search bar at the top, where you can search movies and TV shows and much more with voice. Next to that is just time, in a sleeking looking font, which looks very modern and is the starting point or the launch-pad for everything.

Image shows the brand new UI of Android TV launcher, Image Courtesy: play.


Below that, you have your all Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. placed horizontally and at the leftmost side, you have the title naming for each row to it’s right, as you can see in the image below. Under that, you have a wide array of recommendation from numerous studios/channels or publishers; displayed together in a beautiful array of tiles, presented in the same horizontal scrolling style menu.

Moreover, you can choose what’s presented on your screen, by altering channels as per your choice. Along with this Android TV Home, Google also bought the Android TV Core Services to it’s Google Play Store. And these things require you to run on Android Oreo 8.0 and above.

Download the Google Android Home TV Core Services app

Download Google TV Home Launcher


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