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Google reportedly working on AR Effects in Android Messaging

Augmented reality effect is quite popular and if you don’t understand the term its the filter you use on Instagram or Snapchat. The feature works like filter except it is more advanced and very much interesting. Google has been reported to be working on the AR effect as well to add it on their messaging app.

Google has always turned out to be all-rounder be it tech or features in its products. Now the feature of AR effect is a different yet very much loved by all thing so your users must be happy about it. The news is reported by XDA devs and Google haven’t given any words about this or rolling this feature. Work on this is going on and you can look forward to seeing it working sooner or later in your android messaging.

AR Effects in Android Messaging

This feature as it is on Instagram and Snapchat is used as a filter that is played over the picture except it is advanced. AR effect lets you see it over the camera with the extra stuff along with your picture. It is said that Google is working on some limited filters in AR effect including aeroplane and balloons etc that you can add to the picture.

To use the feature you have to click the picture with the camera in messaging app and it can be sent to other from it. It might not be the most useful feature that you need but it will be nice to have the feature in android messaging. Since there is no official news on it you can probably look forward to it on the next Android version or so.

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