Google releases three new camera apps: Storyboard, Selfissimo, and Scrubbies

Google recently has been experimenting with lots of new applications. They have launched three new camera applications focusing on giving beginners a new perspective on photography. The earlier camera app from Google was nothing great, but these apps are unique and feature rich.


Storyboard is an app which lets you make comic strip without the need of photographing each moment. Instead, you just have to make a video, and the application will convert the video into a comic strip with ease and will also give it a comic look.


Selfissimo is an application made specifically for the selfie lovers, the app has a very basic functionality of taking multiple photos, you just have to tap the screen, and it will start taking photos until you tap again. In the meantime, it will take n number of selfies for you.


Scrubbies is something similar to what we have seen earlier in Instagram, yes its similar to Boomerang but with much more fun. Here you get the flexibility to easily record the videos and then make a video loop during the playback which is much easier than the hit and trial of Boomerang on Instagram. The downside is that it is currently available only for iPhone and Android users will have to wait for now.

Google recently also released some different applications like the Files Go and Motion Stills, Datally, etc. You must try these applications as they add different functionalities to your mobile, and they will surely be getting daily updates. These applications happen to be more reliable than the one available from third-party developers.

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