Google releases Halloween themed Doodle game

Google has been always releasing Doodle games for special occasions and these Google Doodle games can be quite fun and addictive and for the first time ever, Google has released a Doodle game in which you can play with other people.

Google has released a Halloween-themed Google Doodle multiplayer game, Great Ghoul Duel in which you can play with up to 7 seven players, randomly or inviting them by a custom link.

[Source: Google]
To play the game, click on the Doodle image on the’s homepage.

The mini-game allows you to form two teams of up to four ghosts. You will have to work together with your team to collect the “spirit flames” and return to your base.

The win condition is that the team with most spirit flames in the period of two minutes wins, however, you can also steal the spirit flames from the opposing team and there are also some special powers which can be unlocked like speed boost, night vision.

Great Ghost Duel is similar to the two years ago Halloween Google Doodle Game, Magic Cat Academy and it was one heck of an addictive game.

Let’s hope that it won’t be as addictive as the previous one or it will be a hurdle during working hours.

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