Google releases Chrome Canvas a web based drawing tool

Interesting new web apps are always released by Google for their users to take full use of them Most of these apps are one-off side projects that never really go anywhere, such as Chrome Music Lab’s “Song Maker” tool, which was released back in March.

Even though most of these apps are mostly small experiments but still they are very interesting to use and fun around with, and a new Google experiment with the name of Chrome Canvas, will likely be no different.

Chrome Canvas
[Source: Chrome Unboxed]
Released without any specific event, Canvas is essentially a browser-based drawing tool.

It is not a very advanced tool and you will have only 5 tools available, including a pencil, a pen, charcoal, an eraser, and a marker.

Moreover, if you move your mouse way too quick/fast, your drawn line will be unable to keep up, causing it to stop short and paint a straight line towards your cursor’s position.

It is free of cost and also looks like it could be a simple and fun distraction should you ever find yourself looking to kill some time at work or at home.

If you manage to create something with your skills on Chrome Canvas and you are proud of it, your work will automatically be saved as long as you are logged into your Google account.

Although its name is Chrome Canvas it’s not limited to only Chrome Users. Any modern web browser should be able to support the app

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