Google Pixel C is now no more available on the Google Store

The Android tablet market is shrinking every year, and even Google saw it coming, as the tech giant has now pulled down its flagship Pixel C tablet from the Google Store. The Pixel C started its life two years ago as Google’s flagship Android-based tablet which came at a very steep price, and the only tablet that always sells is Apple’s iPad and looks like Google didn’t have the sales, that it projected for this device. Now if you try to visit its page on the Store, you will be redirected to the Pixel Book.

Google already took down the 32GB variant and kept the high-end 64GB variant in the store, for a few months, which has now also been taken down. Originally, the Pixel C is said to run on Google’s Chrome OS, but due to many delays, the Chrome OS wasn’t ready for consumer use. So, the company decided to bless it with Android, and thus became the face of Google’s take on Tablet.

Pixel C
Image courtesy: bhpphotovideo .com

Now does all this says, has Google failed to deliver consistent hardware products based on it’s Android Platform, as the Pixel line-up this year was also plagued with issues this year since the first week. Apple’s iPhone and the iPad are proving to be more versatile products than Google’s Pixel devices, and thus that’s the reason we have seen Google making new line-up after every 3 or 4 years, first the Nexus, then Tango which was also killed in favor of AR-core and now the Pixel C.

However, deal with HTC which helped the search engine giant, to gain 2000 hardware engineering minds from the Taiwanese company shall make a difference, next year as the next Gen pixel device arrives.



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