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Google Pixel Buds 2020 Are Here


The whole world is not working as it was supposed to be but things are working with a delay. With the delay finally, Google’s new wireless earbuds are out for everyone. Google is one of the biggest tech manufacturers of the last decade and it is keeping up to that. All the gadgets and tech that becomes hot topic Google is right on it to give the best to customers. The waited Pixel Bud gen 2 is finally revealed by Google and is out for customers. The first-gen was not so good enough but now Google just upgraded to not fall behind the other brands.

These new Pixel Buds are superior to the first-gen in all ways as these are not only true wireless but have a compact design. The design is better and is in-ear buds that come with an inbuilt assistant that can be used with voice command just like the older pixel buds. There are gestures that can be used with touch control while it has other smart features. The volume increases and decreases with different activities you are on to. These do lack the active noise cancellation that most of the other wireless buds have to offer.

The new Pixel Buds are not the best that the market has to offer but these seem like the best by Google.. Active noise cancellation is just, not the thing absent here it also lacks ambient mode. The product is not the most competing in the market as everyone is making feature-rich earbuds. For someone that doesn’t like loud music in ears, it won’t work as noise cancellation is absent. Google somehow managed to bring this to market but it isn’t appealing in many ways.

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