Google Pixel 5: Upcoming Flagship From Google

Google is constantly trying to beat all the companies by launching its devices but due to the current situation, everything is delayed. Coronavirus affected everything and even the production of new devices has stopped and delayed. Google is planning to launch a new flagship in the smartphone market that will change the game. Google is working on launching Pixel 5 and it will be the fastest device of Google. The device is rumoured to get a very good camera setup equipped with the best processor that a phone can ever have.

Google Pixel 5 will be the best phone from Google as per the rumours and there is nothing confirmed right now. We only have leaks right now and nothing is confirmed but we can expect Google Pixel 5 from the company because it’s time. Every other rival company is launching its flagship so it’s time for Google to launch its own flagship. Google is launching Google Pixel 4a super soon and even this mid-range device is delayed and its launch event got delayed many times. You can expect Google Pixel 4a anytime now because users are waiting eagerly for Pixel 4a to launch and it will be a very decent phone in the mid-range category.

Google Pixel 5 is only a concept right now and we can’t say anything right now but maybe it’s production already started. We are waiting for Google to release some confirmation about their upcoming project so that we can expect something from the company. Everyone knows that Google is working on something great but we can only wait to see it and there is no other option other than waiting.

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