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Google Pixel 5 Leaks And Rumours

Google is all set to launch the Pixel 4a and probably we will get the device next month. Google will make it affordable because Pixel 4a will be a mid-range device. It will come with a pure Stock Android experience that is stable as hell. Next month is for Google Pixel 4a but the company will also launch its flagship device in late 2020. It will be Pixel 5 and the device will be a pure flagship. As we all know that Google makes its devices unbeatable and the same will go with Google Pixel 5.

There is no official announcement from Google right now about the Pixel 5. Rumours are that Google Pixel 5 will come with Snapdragon 865 Processor. Maybe we could see a triple camera setup on the rear side of Google Pixel 5. There is no doubt that Google Pixel devices are best in camera. No other brand can compare their cameras with Pixel devices as they are the best. Google Pixel 5 will be an improved version and the phone will have everything which Pixel 4 didn’t have. No wonder that Google will give Pixel 5 a high price tag when it’ll come out in the market.

Google Pixel 5 won’t have the Motion Sense Technology as per the rumours. This is because Google Pixel 5 will get a different chip inside it. There is nothing official but leaks say that Google Pixel 5 will cost around $699. Google Pixel 5 will be worth it seems because the device will be loaded with features. The device will be 5G enabled for sure because that’s the basic thing now and almost every device has a 5G chip.

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