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Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock IR Camera Allows Clicking Pictures

Google makes real pure android devices and are smartphones with the best hardware and features. One of the many things that give Google’s smartphone upper hand is the camera pictures. Google Pixel has one of the best performing cameras among smartphones. In the Google Pixel 4, there is a 3D face recognition feature for unlocking the device. Face recognition is not so much of a big deal with most phones featuring it but it has 3D face scanning. For such a feature, it surely has some extra hardware setup and it seems they do more than just scanning the face of yours.

Google Pixel 4 has IR cameras, dot projector and flood illuminator that allow you to have a 3D face scanning feature. The feature is surely not so common and is advanced as compared to Fingerprint scans but is also less secure. Now the news is that these hardware or mainly the IR camera are capable of clicking pictures. As per a report, you can actually use the IR camera of this phone to take infrared pictures. This can be done by using an open-source app named HedgeCam 2 available on Playstore. By tapping twice on the switch camera while using this app you can access the IR camera for clicking pictures.

The infrared pictures and videos won’t be so good. The quality is totally fine as your phone isn’t supposed to do it. With the IR camera, you can only take VGA  resolution (640X480) videos and pictures. The 3d face recognition is a good security feature for some but less secure for others. But it is a fancy thing that the IR cameras can do things like photography. It’s not the first time something like this has happened when IR cameras are clicking pictures. It is also not so common to encounter this.


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