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Google Pixel 4a XL May Not Come With Pixel 4a

Android being the most popular smartphone type has only a few of the true Android that exists. Google makes the true Android devices and right now the Pixel devices are the ones. Pixel devices by Google are also one of the leading premium top-notch smartphones available in the market. Google doesn’t abundantly make smartphones so only a few devices are introduced in the Pixel series. Google Pixel 3 series was launched in 2019 and there was a light version of this. The Google Pixel 3a with a Pixel 3a XL was introduced as a lower Variant to Pixel 3 series.

Now upcoming smartphone series in 2020 by Google is Pixel 4 so everyone is probably expecting Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL. Seems like there won’t be a Google Pixel 4a XL coming along with Pixel 4a and some might know why. Google Pixel 3a did well in the market while Pixel 3a XL didn’t do so good so it won’t be surprising to see 4a XL getting reduced. The XL device is just a simple bigger version of device with some changes made and price hike. For starters, there should not actually be a reason to have an upgrade of a lighter version of any device. 

All that is available till now are rumors and renders that show the all-around cut bezels. This Bexel makes the phone smaller even with the 5.81-inch display. Rumors are making it seem you might not get to see a Pixel 4a XL and the reasoning is legit. The colors expected to come in Google Pixel 4a are black/green, white/coral and artic blue/hot pink in accent combination on the power button. The device will have a headphone jack and will support wireless charging as well as there is a plastic body, USB C type port, and front punch-hole camera design.


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