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Google Pixel 4a Coming Super Soon

The company Google is planning on launching its new device that will not be an expensive one. They are launching Google Pixel 4a soon. It will be a mid-range device with a lot of specs to compete with its rivals. Google Pixel series has amazed us every time with their camera and their picture quality. We have seen a very decent camera in even Google Pixel 1 and that phone can compete easily with devices of today in terms of camera. There are no worries and the camera of the upcoming Pixel 4a will be great.

Leaks are saying that we will get 6 GB of RAM in the device and storage of 64 GB with it. Pixel 4a will be a mid-range device and the phone will run on Snapdragon 730. This processor is pretty good for mid-range devices. You will see a 3.5 mm headphone jack in Pixel 4a which is a relief. The phone will be equipped with 3080 mAh of battery which is okay and it will last the whole day easily. You will, of course, get a C-type port for charging and the device will support decent fast charging.

A lot of people love Pixel Series just because of its Operating System. We get Stock Android experience in the Google Pixel devices. Google Pixel 4a will be on Android 10 out of the box. The phone will surely get latest Android updates as Pixel is from Google itself. No need to worry about Android updates and the latest security patches because the device will get them all on time. Pixel fans are eagerly waiting for Google Pixel 4a and the device will be affordable with lots of features and we can expect the price of Pixel 4a to be around $399.

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