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Google Pixel 4a Can Maybe Get 5G Connectivity

Google is trying so hard to launch its new device that is Pixel 4a but due to this situation, the company is unable to launch it. Everything is delayed because of Covid-19 and even the production of Google Pixel 4a is delayed. Google shifted its launch dates a lot of times and now the users are waiting so eagerly for Google to launch Pixel 4a as soon as possible. Google Pixel 4a is a mid-range device with a lot of premium features and it is a Pixel device so don’t worry about its performance because it will be the best. You will get the pure Android to feel in the Google Pixel 4a because of the OS of Pixel.

Google will make Pixel 4a the best mid-range device because the competition has become hard and there are a lot of rivals now. We have the OnePlus Nord in the mid-range category now and the iPhone SE. Google Pixel 4a has to make its way to the top now because it will be difficult now as there are good devices waiting for Pixel 4a. Google will add a very fine camera in the Pixel 4a and it will be more than enough for the users for sure.

It is likely that Google Pixel 4a will be 5G enabled. It is only a rumour right now but it is possible that Google can add 5G connectivity to its upcoming Pixel 4a because even the OnePlus Nord is 5G enabled. We’ll have to wait for Google to officially launch any update about the Pixel 4a to know that it will be 5G enabled or not so stay tuned.

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