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Google Photos is Getting Redesigned With Library

Google has a long list of apps and services that are popular and used worldwide. The leading tech giant is always up to something new be it a product or service. Among the many apps and services by Google, the Google photos app is quite popular. On android phones, it is the photo library app by Google that backs up pictures from a gallery for you. The features include cloud storage, backup and syncing, etc and now it is getting a redesigned interface. The library is simply the new interface that you will get on Google photos soon enough.

The Google photos app has it’s slide bar menu for a long time now and now this might disappear soon. Google has changed different apps and their interface now it’s the photos app getting Library tab instead of the slide bar. The iconic hamburger slide menu has a print store, settings, archive, trash and different options placed in it on your android device. Other than these options you get albums, photos, sharing and ‘for you’ options. All these things are part of the old interface that uses a slide bar for a menu while the new design is called ‘Library’. This feature is still under work and only some highlights are available. 

With the new interface, Google Photos only have options including Photos, Library and Search. These three tabs are all you get and the Search tab is still not so functional so not much is known about it. The sharing menu is somewhat similar to the old slide bar and covers up for it. A lot is yet to be discovered within the new interface and how old options are relocated. A good example is the ‘For You’ option from the old interface that is yet to be discovered. 

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