Google Photos is getting a new feature called Express backup mode

Google Photos is one app that can use a lot of your data if you are careless. It can backup full resolution photos in the background, but a new feature is going to allow the users to limit the data usage with photo backups.

Raja Ayyagari, Product Manager of Google Photos, talked about an upcoming feature called “Express.”Google Photos

A new update for Google Photos is about to be released and this one is to make the backups more reliable and to make backups possible in regions where data connections are generally slow and expensive.

A new Express backup mode is the latest feature which is going to be released by Google and in this mode, it is going to reduce the size of images and video for more timely and less costly transmission to the cloud.

There will also be a new setting that allows users to set daily limits on how much data to spend on performing backups.

To get used to this upcoming feature, Google Photos will get more fine tuning for how much data is used to back up photos. Users will now be able to restrict the data for Google Photos to as low as 5 MB.

These new features are going to be released in India first and will eventually be available in other markets. Indian people are going to love this feature as it is going to consume fewer data and will also help in the backup.

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