Google Phone App V15 comes with new Video Call option

Google is very sensitive when it comes to providing an update for there stock applications, they provide weekly updates for the apps like Play Store and more. Recently Google has released a new update to their Phone application; this new update brings some changes to the app. So in this article, we will be sharing some valuable information about the Google Phone app, this will include the information based on a teardown and upgrade changelog.

Google Phone app v15
Image of the Google Phone app showing video call icon.
Image courtesy: androidpolice .com

This Google Phone app update comes with a version of V15, and the main highlight of this new update is “Video Call,” yes you heard it right earlier it was leaked that Google will be providing a Video chat option within the Call screen and now this feature is official. After installing this new version, one can directly jump to video call by clicking on the video call icon. By clicking on this icon user will be directed to the Google Duo app, this feature will only work if your device is connected to an active internet connection.

Google phone v15 download
Image of Google Phone app.
Image courtesy: androidpolice .com

The teardown of the app also shows a new feature called as “Assisted Dialing,” according to us this tiny feature is very helpful as it will automatically fix the phone numbers if you are outside your home country. It will automatically add the country code to the numbers when dialed, this feature is enabled by default and you can switch it off by going to settings. If you are using the Android 8.1 Oreo, then you will notice that while using the phone app, on-screen navigation bar turns into the White bar rather then the traditional Black one. In case you are struggling to get that new version of the app we have provided an active link below from where you can download it.

Download Google Phone V15

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