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Google Partially Teased Android 11

Google the worldwide popular tech giant is known as a search engine widely but there is more to it. Android platform by Google is the biggest operating system for smartphones. A large number of smartphone manufacturers are using Android for years now and it is still hyped. Like other operating systems Android has also evolved over time to produce better features and compatibility. When it comes to compatibility and features android is probably the operating system for smartphones. Android also has the biggest app store Google Play Store and is also the first to bring new tech supporting features.

The current version of android is 10 as they decided to not name it this time. Every year Google is releasing a new version of android and it is hyped equally each time. This hype is due to the new features and major changes expected by everyone using android devices. In Android 10 Dark Mode was the major change that hyped it mostly while there were other useful features too like ambient mode. Now Google has accidentally teased the next version of Android ‘Android 11’. This was for a short time and temporary as Google took down the Developer Preview soon enough.

The Developer Preview for Android 10 was shown by Google in March last year. Developer Preview for Android 11 shows that Google is going on with the new Android version. It happened recently that Google added an Andriod 11 Developer Preview Web Page on its official website. Thus web page was soon taken down without any words on it by Google. No official word was out by Google making it obvious Google had no intention of making it public. Not much is revealed about Android 11 but APIs for Foldables and more security features are sure to come.

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