Google now answering directly some mobile searches

Google Search engine has many amazing built-in tools. Now some of the queries can be answered directly, Google will now no longer show the standard web links. This change on mobile, Android, and iOS is to make the searching experience faster.

It was confirmed by Google that searches which can be answered by the built-in calculator, unit converter, or clock will no longer be shown with the standard web links. This results in a simple page with only the Search bar up top and the answer below.

[Source: The Australian
These single results are going to appear when Google is too much sure about that it can directly answer the user’s query. 

In the case of a unit conversion, the card will have a quick tool for users to find other results, while basic arithmetic is supported by a normal calculator.

It was confirmed by Google that this feature has been released today. Since the testing phase ended in March, the Search team has made sure to improve the accuracy of these one-answer result and made sure ads don’t appear.

These direct Google Search answers are only available on the smartphones at moment. Results on the desktops will still yield built-in tools followed by 10 blue links.

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