Revamped Google News app rolling out to iOS devices.

Google is done with its Google I/O 2018 Developer Conference earlier this month, including several announcements and new updates in their services. And as it’s the time for Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) so, pretty much every other service came heavily equipped with this yet new system. However, among them, Google also apparently explained about their complete revamped new google news which the company claims to get improved featuring powerful machine learning for curation of targeted news.

However, the new Google News app which also replaces the Google Play Newsstand started rolling out to the Android as well as iOS devices at the launch date, but probably due to some certain reasons the app couldn’t make it to iOS devices until now except android devices which already got the app in the play store.

Meanwhile, according to Search Engine Land report, the new redesigned Google News is rolling out to iOS devices. Now if we talk about the new AI-powered Google News, the app houses a couple of key modified features among which one is a new ‘For You’ section which offers personalized curated content for each user based on their interests range and history of usage. The ‘For You’ section is a mixture of the global headline and local stories, which also covers new developments on stories a user has previously been following.

Google News for iOS

With that said the app also got a minimal and clear interface for better reading experience, along with that it also includes a smarter briefing which offers top five stories to a user of the current time.


The newscast is remarkably another feature which adds up to the list, which provides users with a collection of the whole host of articles, videos, and quotes about trending topics, which seeks to offer more contextual information to the users. By the help of Newscast google also set an aim to give brief insights of particular news before a user considers it to start reading, apart from that it also provides ‘Full Coverage’ for stories.

The Full Coverage section provides a variety of sources which have covered a particular story and also combine opinion pieces, fact checks, analysis, etc. to give users complete insight on any given issue.

Latest google news

It is to note that this new Google News app which is currently rolling out to all the iOS devices out there is gradually getting a prominent, contender of Apple News, so the matter of fact is how Apple will tackle with this all-new AI-powered new aggregator.


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