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Google Meet Got a New Feature: Noise Cancellation

Google Meet is a leading video conferencing platform now and people are using it on a daily basis. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we can’t go outside because our lives are at risk. Google Meet lets us do video calling with up to 100 people and the video calling is secure. People can rely on Google Meet because it is the safest platform for video conferencing right now. As the competition is increasing, Google Meet is adding new special features for their users. We have seen a lot of new features from Google Meet before and Google is trying to make Google Meet the best platform for us.

Google Meet has added a new feature recently which will mute the background noise when video calling. This feature was much needed and Google Meet added it which is a great thing. Noise Cancellation of Google Meet works perfectly fine and people have tested it and it turned out that this Noise Cancellation of Google Meet is the best in its field. When video conferencing from home, we bear lots of noises from the background but with this Noise Cancellation feature, you can cancel all the unwanted noise with the new feature of Google Meet.

This new feature from Google is driving people crazy because they can now video conference professionally. Many tech geeks have tested this new feature from Google Meet and they have reviewed the new feature. All the reviews are positive and the Noise Cancellation feature was a need. The Noise Cancellation feature is available for web users as of now but in future, Android and iOS users could get this feature too.

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