Google Meet Becomes Completely Free For All

The entire globe is facing the Corona epidemic and people are forced to stay home for safety. While people are supposed to stay indoors, video conferencing has become a hot topic. In the last two weeks, the number of video conferencing apps has somewhat increased rapidly. It started off when Zoom got into security trouble and now Google has come up with better options. Google made a Meet app for Video conferencing and it got a good amount of attention. Turns out Google is not just bringing good and secure options but is also making it more accessible.

Google Meet app is great and has premium features for video conferencing but now it is free. Usually, the premium part is paid and you cant access it without paying. Google has made Meet completely free to use for everyone. For such apps that can actually be very useful at these times time and the number of participants is restricted by making them payable. Google just removed this limit of participants and the limit of the video conference. Now anyone can video chat with up to 100 people as long as they need to for free.

This decision by Google is a game-changer as everyone is trying1 to get into video conferencing. Facebook and Zoom are the ones that are actively participating in this competition. Making the App and services completely free has made Google meet the best option for everyone right now.The issues people face include security and limits but Google can manage both for most of the people. Currently, there is no limit of video chats but it will be later reduced to 60 minutes and that is fair enough.


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