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Google Maps To Get Redesigned

Google is always up to something and this time its the Google Maps that is getting worked on. It is on the occasion of the 15-year completion of Maps that Google is making some changes in it. A few changes in the interface, as well as features, are going to happen in the popular Maps App. A blog suggests the changes that are going to take place as some new tabs are getting added. Some features might also get removed along with other changes while some things go unchanged. The changes are mainly for making Maps more reliable and easy to use for users.

Three new tabs will be added to the lower part of screen that includes ‘saved’, ‘contribute’, and ‘updates’. The unchanged features or options are ‘commute’ and ‘explore’ while ou might see ‘For You’ option to be gone. ‘Saved’ option or tab contains your bookmarked places you have already visited or might want to visit later. A separate tab was not there for it before rather it was part of the side menu. ‘Contribute’ is just the option meant for you to review places be it pictures or details that Maps is lacking. ‘Updates’ lets you get the details shared by local users on the place so you stay connected.

Other than these changes Google Maps also is getting some live update features. Now you can check how crowded place or public transport is with Maps. Even the availability of separate gender sections can be checked for some countries including India and Japan etc. All the changes will be available on Maps as soon as the update rolls out and it will be available by the next week. Both iOS and Android devices will start getting the redesigned Maps starting Thursday.


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