Google making it easier to erase search history

Google keeps a record of everything you search on or Google Search App if you are logged in into your Google Account. Clearing your browser history is always available but it won’t clear anything that’s stored on Google’s servers.

While you can go into Google Account page and find about your search history, Google is now making easier for users to delete the search history from the search itself.

[Source: Digital Trends]
Google will soon give you the ability to review and delete your search history from the Google search itself. Like it used to, Google’s search controls won’t be buried somewhere in the Settings instead the company will provide access to the users to many controls like disabling ad personalization or preventing Google services from keeping a track of your activity.

These changes will make it easier for the users to keep a track of their activity and to have more control over their account. Google will roll out these changes for the search on desktop and mobile web starting from today while iOS and Android updates are to follow in the coming weeks.

Google also plans to expand and roll out these changes to its other services like Google Maps starting from next year in order to give users a control over their privacy.

These privacy controls come at a time when there is a serious threat is to users privacy as Google+ also had a major privacy outage and Facebook suffered the biggest security breach compromising the data of over 29 million users.

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