Google made an exclusive “Sounds” app for Pixel devices

Google has always preferred its own Android devices, Pixels above other Android devices and made something special which is exclusive to Pixel smartphones only.

Google has made several custom apps which are exclusive to Pixel devices only and its latest app appears to be one related to ringtones called Sounds.Google Photos

The app was uploaded to the Play Store today but is only accessible if you own a Pixel device.

The app listing on the Play Store describes Sounds like an app which allows the users to customize their ringtones, alarms, and notifications. The app looks like an updated version of the Sounds menu found in the Pixel Settings.Sounds App

According to the listing, when you test out each sound then the app uses different colorful visualizations so, it gives a nice aesthetic look and you can differentiate between different ringtones.

Some users have saved the APK of the new Sounds app and found out that the app doesn’t have the features yet that are listed on the Play Store such as new color visualizations or any new ringtones.

This could be because this isn’t the final and complete version of the app and it is still in the developmental period. Once finished, only Pixel users will be able to enjoy this new app as this app is only exclusive to Pixel devices until Google adds these new features to stock Android.

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