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Google Lens Added a New Great Feature For Their Users

Google Lens is really a lifesaver because we can search for anything through Google Lens. Thanks to the premium features of Google Lens, you can point your device’s camera on anything you want and you can know about that thing in seconds. If you want to search for a barcode then point your phone’s camera on the barcode and launch the Google Lens app and tap on Search Icon. It’s that simple and there is nothing complicated about the Google Lens. Anyone can operate the application easily without facing any problem. Translate any text through Google Lens in no time.


A lot of people use Google Lens on a daily basis and that is why the company decided to add a new and interesting feature. You can now copy handwritten texts to your computer or laptop through your phone. This feature makes Google Lens a must to have application. Everyone needed this feature and now it’s finally here. If you have anything written on paper and you want to get it on your PC or laptop, just use Google Lens from now on. It’s the best application you can use for things like this.

In order to get the new feature, you will have to update your Google Lens app first. Using the new feature of Google Lens is simple. Open the Google Lens and simply click the picture of what you wanna copy. The app will highlight the words that are written there and then you can copy them easily by selecting what you want. After that, tap on the option called “Copy to computer” and it will do the work in a second.

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