Google is Testing New YouTube Shopping Feature

YouTube is going to be your one-stop shop in the near future if Google testing goes right and it will dramatically change how the users of this platform shop for the products shown in the videos from their favorite creators. Google is testing a new feature which will allow the users of this platform to shop for any product right in the website only without having to leave it and be redirected to another website where they have to get the product.

If you are a frequent YouTube user then you must know list an instance where the creator in the video says that they will link the product they are using for advertising in the description so that you can check it out and possibly by but now with the new feature being tested by Google, your product will appear on your screen and you can choose to buy it right away without having to leave the platform and go to the other website in order to purchase it.

This feature is also convenient for people because they do not have to leave the website and keep watching the content they want and still shop with the reliability and security of Google. Google’s business model is heavily dependent on the advertisements so we will see how this pans out and if you will only see the advertised products being recommended to you while you are watching your favorite YouTube videos or whether the creators will be free to show you and I recommend you their products as well. this will also speed up the shopping process so you do not have to look around for the product that you are looking for and you can see it clearly in the video itself.

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