Google is not going to sell face recognition for now

Google announced that they will stop offering face recognition through its cloud APIs for now so that they can introduce the new policies which can prevent from the misuses of the technology.

This decision was made official by Google in a blog spot about the use of Google’s AI tools in Asia. Face recognition is being deployed rapidly in China by many of the country’s big AI companies.

[Source: TripSavvy]
Some Chinese facial recognition systems were built using government ID data, and the Chinese government is using them to find criminals and track dissidents.

Kent Walker, senior VP of Global Affairs, wrote that:

“Like many technologies with multiple uses, facial recognition merits careful consideration to ensure its use is aligned with our principles and value and avoids abuse and harmful outcomes. We continue to work with many organizations to identify and address these challenges.”

This is an amazing move by Google. According to the company they are going to develop AI ethically, but it has already faced a lot of criticism for supplying AI to the military.

There are several other companies such as big US firms like Amazon and Microsoft, will be happy to provide you with face recognition software. Even more, as the search of Github shows the code and the tools required to build a face identifying system from the start.

As there are so many concerns of people over the ethical implications of AI, some countries are calling for a coordinated international debate about ethical standards of AI.

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