Google is going to release Anti-Spam feature

Everyone who uses smartphones must hate spam text. But now there are reports coming out that some Android users are receiving a new spam protection feature from Google in their Messages app.

According to the news reports, the launch of this update seems to be limited to some Android users as it isn’t live on every single device yet.

Messaging app
[Source: Android Central]
Those who have received this feature are saying that they are seeing

a notification when opening the Messages app that announces the new setting and reads, “To help protect against spam some data about your messages, but not any content, is sent to Google.”

The spam protection feature can also be turned on or off through Advanced section of the Android Settings menu.

According to Google’s support site, when you turn on the spam protection feature, the data Google collects from that user doesn’t include the content of their messages or their phone number.

That contrasts spam reports manually sent by users to Google, which include the full message sent by the spammer.

There is no known info about as to when Google is going to launch this feature but it will be in a distant future.

There is a choice whether if you want to use this feature or not, if you don’t trust Google regarding privacy you could just stop regular texting altogether and move to a third-party, encrypted messaging app.

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