Google Hum to Search for Songs

Today Google has announced a new feature in its search panel which goes by the name ‘hum to search’ and it is very appropriately named because it will now allow its users to search for a song by simply coming to the melody of the song and you will be able to find out all the matching pairs.

This feature was first introduced by the very famous SoundHound but now Google has caught up to it and it will be a game changer in the search process of Google and will dramatically reduce the search time for an average user who is just looking for a song that is stuck in their head which they don’t know the lyrics of but want to listen to and now they have a way by which they will be able to search the exact song and listen to it on their devices. to activate this feature you will just have to say “Hey Google what’s this song?” followed by having to the melody of the song and Google will show you all the matching results that are available and you can now select from all the search results that you see on your screen and find out the matching song.

This feature sounds very promising but we will have to wait and see how this feature turns out and is it as reliable as the one present on SoundHound app that users are familiar with and has been working very reliably for the past few years. The accuracy of your humming will also be a contributing factor which will decide if you will be able to find the correct song on not, so sing well.

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