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Google Home and Google Assistant now supports more than 1500 devices

Google Home for those of you who don’t know is a smart speaker device introduced in 2016. Also, it acts as an assistant as well and is able to a lot of stuff for you which you can usually do with Google Assitant on your smartphones. It was launched in America in November 2016, a person can interact with it using voice commands, it is a great example of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Today we have great news for all who are looking to buy it or own it, recently Google has published on its official website that now Google Home supports more devices than before so let’s check out more information about it.

Google Home
Image of the Google Home device.
Image courtesy: thenextweb .com

As we mentioned above, it works as a personal assistant which means one can control various devices through it even including the home appliances. Some brands are making their devices compatible with the Google Home as it makes easier for the consumer to operate its all devices with one device. The latest news is that now more than 1500 devices are compatible with the Google Home and they belong to various brands giving users more liberty. Now one can simply give a command to turn on lights or something else, and if the following device is compatible, then it will work.

Some of the new brands that support Google Assistant and Google Home are:

  • )Energenie MiHome
  • ) Ecovacs+Deebot Ecovacs
  • ) Osram Lightify Europe
  • ) Eques Elf
  • ) Seetime Smart
  • ) VeSync
  • ) Mediola SmartHome
  • ) DreamCatcher
  • ) Orient AC
  • ) Simple Connect
  • ) Petnet
  • ) Skybell
  • ) Appspower
  • ) Smart K
  • ) Voxior Home
  • ) Vivitar Cameras
  • ) AppUnique Limited
The image is showing the Google Assistant.
Image courtesy: .com

This list will keep on increasing over the time so if you own a Google Home device then now you have the choice of various devices to choose from.

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