Google Hangouts will start closing down from October 2019

It was previously announced by Google that its most popular messaging app, Google Hangouts, would be closing down.

In a post on the GSuite Updates blog, Google disclosed the details about what the Hangouts shutdown will look like, and the company shared some of its plan to transition Hangouts users to “Hangouts Chat,” a separate enterprise.

[Source: The Verge]
You need to understand the difference between Google’s extremely confusing branding. There are two totally separate products we are talking about here: “Hangouts” and “Hangouts Chat.” They really have nothing in common among them except their similar names.

Hangouts which Google has recently renamed to “Hangouts Classic” is Google’s most-popular messaging app of all time.

While “Hangouts Chat” is completely different. It was released 10 months ago and is a basic enterprise Slack clone. It is only available to paying GSuite users, and it has 500,000 installs on Android.

Google won’t start shutting down Hangouts for regular users until those G Suite users are all comfortably using Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, so it means that normal people won’t have to worry about it for a while longer.

Hangouts Classic will be closed down by Google. Google announced the shutdown begins October 2019, when the company says it will “start retiring” Hangouts Classic for GSuite users.

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