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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Can Now Be Bought

In 2013 Google introduced its Google Glass Explorer Edition that was surely quite a hyped piece of tech. As great of tech it is the Google Glass Explorer Edition that never got to be a consumer product. The Explorer did become the way to make development in Google Glass to get into the second generation. The second generation of Google Glass is the Enterprise Edition that came out last year. Things are still kind of the same as they were before as it is not a consumer product and is not getting sold to everyone. Till now Google was restricting it to itself and to the authorized solution partners developing software for themselves.

Now the news is that Google Glass Enterprise Edition is kind of available for people to buy but there is more to it. You can buy these Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 as long as you are a developer making it more accessible. It is similar to how developers work as long as they get resources to develop. Google by making Google Glasses more accessible is creating more opportunities for developers to work with it. The restrictions on availability have bought pretty low but not low enough to bring the product a consumer market.

Google is making things a lot easier for developers in different ways including making Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 accessible. Developers can buy it and work on it to make better software development. With the right development, these glasses can eventually become affordable and available for the consumer market. On the other hand, Google is also providing open-source applications and code samples that Devs can use for working with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The codes are the ones they might need to get everything working on the latest android version and Camer1 API.

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