Google giving Away free Home mini device to Assistant users

It’s not clear how and why Google is doing this but recently it sure is giving away a lot of Google Home Minis. Sometimes Google seems to be offering these free gadgets to Google one subscriber while other times it’s the YouTube premium members. The Google Home mini was provided for free in different regions to different customers. Other than lucky customers Google also did kind of a charity to help paralyzed people. Google was working along with a foundation and decided to give away 100,000 of these smart devices to paralyzed people and people assisting them in life.

google home mini device

For some reason with all those free giveaways of Google home mini in past Google still got some stock left to give for free. Now Google is pulling off the stunt to giveaway free Google home minis to google assistant users. Not sure who is eligible for the free device but some will be getting it. You can get the free Google home mini just by following the ‘Get free gift’ on your assistant feed. After that, you will have to fill your address you want it and it’s free but you still have to pay the shipping charges of it. Most probably it is for people that are active users of Google assistant since it is popping up on the assistant feed.

It can be market policy by google and even a way of taking care of extra stock before launching new devices. Earlier Google gave free home speakers to Spotify family plan users and also along with eBay purchases. Google’s event is coming so maybe Google is preparing for it’s new Google Home mini device. The newer Google Home mini has its own rumors about the audio port and wall mount.

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